kiwi 1.9.8

       Module: kiwi
      Version: 1.9.8
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 66720340ce6c832e674f72fb59a91205
    size: 328K
  md5sum: 2e5ccfd535e32b6a40f141a1014c81e3
    size: 272K


kiwi-1.9.8: 25-april-2006
    - distutils.setup() replacement
    - date tests
    - FileChooser & FileChooserButton
    - Rename all proxy widgets to start with Proxy
    - Win32 installation fixes
    - UI test threading fixes
    - Sizegroup merging (Ronaldo)
    - Mask improvements (Ronaldo)
    - ObjectList improvements (Johan, Ronaldo, Patrick)
    - Lots of bug fixes (Johan, Ronaldo, Sidnei)

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