kiwi 1.9.7

       Module: kiwi
      Version: 1.9.7
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: e62456e889e42572f4b3c917c2a9840d
    size: 508K
  md5sum: dcb64ce1b01d76d6998aa4c8dc9324ab
    size: 400K


kiwi-1.9.7: 11-march-2006
    - installation fixes (Patrick)
    - Much improved mask support
    - DateEntry widget
    - Re-add ProxyDelegate (lost since kiwi1)
    - Draw validation icon on the left side for right align entries
    - Many ComboEntry bug fixes
    - Distribution helper improvements
    - Limited support for zope.interfaces
    - Add a better HIG alert dialog
    - Improved searching ObjectList (Patrick)
    - Better unittest coverage, add coverage test script, support for trial
    - Unicode datatype
    - Improved logging (a la GStreamer)

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