evolution 2.3.2

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.3.2
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: 8ca53c5476c3995b5de0d44b505b18b3
    size: 14M

  md5sum: 85734761158bb728e0be6b99d70a82f3
    size: 11M


Evolution 2.3.2, 2005-05-18

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi):

#269129 replying to a newsgroup post from a vfolder gets group wrong (Jeffrey Stedfast) 
#271679 "make this occurrence movable" unusable (Rodrigo Moya)
#274406 alarm notify crasher (Chenthill)
#209416 Mini-card view for mailing list is wrong (Srinivasa Ragavan)

i18n :
272242 action "Print" doesn't have dots at the end of name (Vivek)
Fixes #301459 - A collection of typos from the Evolution .po file (Chenthill)
"all the deleted message" typo in Evolution mail-errors.xml (Sarfraaz)
273075 - "cert" slang in Evolution certificate manager" (Sarfraaz)
#300477 - Evolution account assistent does not have label (Mengjie Yu)
#268906 - improve date selection for recurring appointments (Sushma)
#229794 - When creating a recurrent appointment, current weekday can't be deselected (Harish)
          Patch from  jack jia.
#269416 - Drag/drop between task lists copies instead of moving (Srinivasa Ragavan)	  
#301350 - alarms totally unreliable . (Rodrigo Moya)
#261079 - Please add translator comments for "%s %s" messages in evolution (Vivek)
#272464 - Error message on GW server needs to be clarified (Chenthill)
#261969 - Bad plural form: foo(s) in addressbook-errors.xml (Sushma) 
#272005 - Click on 'Help' in 'Send Options' popup, this popup closes (Shreyas)
#273096 - Double spacing in Evolution widget message (Harish)
#273097 - Unnecessary trailing spaces in Evolution widget messages (Harish)

Other fixes and features :

	New menu layout - Rodney Dawes
	Attachment Expander changes - Srinivas
	Remove wizard related code and use eplugin (JP)
	Evolution Force shutdown fixes (Harish)
	Pkg config fixes for evolution exchange (Amish)
	Move e-error to e-util (Michael Zucchi)
	Prevent crash if D-BUS session bus is not running (Timo Hoenig) 
	Fixes for Bug #73099 and Bug #73098 - rdf, csv formats (Philip Van Hoof)
	moved widgets/misc/e-system-errors to e-util/e-system.error (Michael Zucchi)
	Memory leak fixes (Ross burton)
	Miscellaneous config fixes (Harish)
	Potfiles - remove dead files (JP)

New plugins :

- mono, mail-remote, profiler (Michael Zucchi)

Updated Translations:

	- bg (Rostislav Raykov)
	- el (Kostas Papadimas) 
	- ne (Pawan Chitrakar)
	- fa (Meelad Zakaria and Roozbeh Pournader) 
	- es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador) 

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