evolution-data-server 1.3.2

       Module: evolution-data-server
      Version: 1.3.2
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: 2ef15e0991623b71ebfd59fca6012ffa
    size: 20M

  md5sum: 75291eedbc146ab388cc55cbcc1741c6
    size: 14M


Evolution-Data-Server 1.3.2, 2005-05-18
Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi):


	#274194 Filters do not filter all messages  (Partha)
	#273246 email is visible with mime.822 file attached (Partha)
	#273243 external HTML mail is an attachment not viewed inline (Partha)

	#256874 Anniversaries in B&A calendar have the Birthday category (Shreyas)
	#301116 libedataserverui needs to specify the translation domain explicitly
		(Changwoo Ryu) 

	#303540 F10 + Shift Key' doesn't work in evolution contacts (Mengjie Yu)  
	#272504 spell GW rightly (Chenthill)
	#272503 Typo fix (Thierry Moisan)

Other Features and Fixes:

	API docs  (Hans Petter Jansson, Rodrigo Moya) 

	Misc pc file, configure fixes   (Harish)
	GW Backend Memory leaks (Ulrich Neumann)
	const keyword additions to camel files (Ross Burton)  
	Added a new flag CAMEL_PROVIDER_DISABLE_SENT_FOLDER   (Sankar)  
	Memory leak fixes  (Sushma) 
	Checks for Win32 (mingw) (Tor Lillqvist)  
	Copy the flags field when converting from CamelStoreInfo to CamelFolderInfo.
	 (Alessandro Decina)   
	VJOURNAL backend (Rodrigo Moya) 

Updated Translations:

	- bg (Rostislav Raykov) 
        - el (Kostas Papadimas) 
        - da (Martin Willemoes Hansen) 

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