gcalctool 5.6.24

       Module: gcalctool
      Version: 5.6.24
  Uploaded by: Rich Burridge

  md5sum: 5397aecb7c0e3672c96f15ee7e77be03
    size: 1.7M

  md5sum: 69bff6d530ce8b58280674b5bf8df0f9
    size: 1.1M


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.6.24

* Fixed bug #310849. Gcalctool no longer crashes when pressing the "B" 
  button (or typing Shift-B).


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.6.23

* Fixed bug #310791. Memory register window view logic was screwed.


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.6.22

* Fixed bug #310441. Adjusted code to compile with gcc 2.95.2.


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