gnome-python 2.9.5

       Module: gnome-python
      Version: 2.9.5
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
  md5sum: 96855e0bf9f5a46896b6fb17762a46bc
    size: 480K
  md5sum: 18d3f379ca4cb7b5a252c62d6ec8fd8e
    size: 356K


Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.9.4 to gnome-python 2.9.5
* gnomecanvas
 - BPath canvas item fixes (Gustavo)
* gnome.ui
 - rename Client.connect back to Client.connect_to_session_manager as
it was in gnome-python 2.6.x (Gustavo)
* bonobo
 - bonobo.AppClient.msg_send fixes (Gustavo)
* gnomevfs
 - Fix vfs exceptions value (formerly missing) (Benoît Dejean)

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