libgconf-java 2.9.92

       Module: libgconf-java
      Version: 2.9.92
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Morgan
  md5sum: 9bdf50bab72b95a157f3c33898bdc3b7
    size: 324K
  md5sum: a2cfabe405893f886f4edd799038e8c9
    size: 232K


2005-02-27  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfClient.c:
	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfEntry.c:
	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfMetaInfo.c:
	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfSchema.c:
	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfValue.c:
	changed include to make location of jg_jnu.h work in all cases

2005-02-27  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* INSTALL:  updated docs
	* removed hard coded versions and added JNI_INCLUDES
	* README:  updated docs
	* version bump

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