glom 0.8.11

       Module: glom
      Version: 0.8.11
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 578387093a840ecb2bbf996b39013cff
    size: 644K
  md5sum: b8c50266ecf2eb67b47ab0d5220620bb
    size: 464K



* Postgres connection:
  - Connect to the template1 database when creating new databases, 
    because recent (?) versions of postgres require this.
  - Don't ignore the host name.
  - Added postgres_setup.txt and a non-libgda test to help 
    investigate connection problems.
  - Share connections more, without re-connecting, to increase speed.
* List Layout:
  - Fix bug that prevented data entry of fields that have 
    human-readable titles.
* Layout Design:
  - Fix loss of layout groups when loading.
  - Allow adding of related records (half-finished) in the 
    middle of the layout, and no longer show them automatically 
    in a notebook.
    (It's really time to make this feel like glade.)
* Navigation:
  - Show table titles instead of name when in Operator mode.
* Build:
  - Distribute the intltool files. (Cezar)
  - #include libintl.h in more files, required on some systems. (Mike Castle)
  - Fix Glib::wrap() build error with gcc 3.4.3. (Christian Krause)

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