beagle 0.0.6

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.0.6
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: a43c1896db21a9fec4c12235e5c31df9
    size: 972K
  md5sum: bd79891ffe3417ada6325b0639a19da8
    size: 764K


Version 0.0.6
February 15, 2005

* Indexing now happens outside of the begaled process, which allows us to
  substantially reduce our memory consumption (Jon Trowbridge)
* Updated to use inotify 0.18 (Robert Love)
* Use UTF-8 encoding when converting filenames from inotify (Joe Shaw)
* Added support for both D-BUS 0.23 and HEAD (Joe)
* Make the indexer more robust against filters that throw exceptions (Jon)
* Indexable serialization fixes (Jon)
* Put an upper limit on scheduler idle time (Jon)

* Watch for .tomboy if it doesn't exist (Larry Reaves)
* Added an ExceptionHandleingThread class and port all the backends to
  use it for easier debugging (Joe)
* Non-existent directories no long kill the Evolution backend (Joe)
* Fixed mime encoding issues in mail headers (Joe)
* If .gaim or .gaim/logs doesn't exist, watch for them with inotify
  (Robert Van Gorkom)
* Some small launcher backend fixes (Jon)

* Hot text and StructuralBreak fixes in the Filter base class
  (Veerapuram Varadhan)
* Assume ASCII for HTML files with unknown encodings (Joe)
* Made the PDF filter more robust (Joe)
* Pass the correct parameters to pdfinfo (Urko Frenandez)
* Lots of snippets fixes (Varadhan)
* Only initialize wv1 once (Varadhan)
* Lots of other filter fixes (Varadhan)
* PHP filter fixes (Rich Midwinter)
* C# filter fixes (Varadhan, with a shout out to Rafael Slinckx)

* Filter web history indexing by domain (Tom van Schwerdtner)
* Mozilla extension UI enhancements (James Viapond)
* Fixed best searches from the mozilla extensions (Rich Midwinter)
* Fixed the entry focus in Best (Stephen Solka)
* Added a right-click menu to Best (Shobith Alva)
* Fixed charset encoding issues in Best (Joe, Jonas Klingstedt)
* Improved Best startup behaviour if started with a query (Christopher Orr)
* Fixed music tile ID3 tag bug (Lukas Lipka)
* IM viewer tuning (Lukas)
* Gaim-remote fixes (Lukas)
* Fixed launching Evolution and sending mail from the mail tile (Nicolas
* Fixed rendering bug in TileCanvas (Lukas)

Everything Else:
* Build fixes (Everyone)
* Testing and Bug Reports (Everyone)
* Hand-to-hand combat with D-BUS (Joe)
* Man pages (Robert)


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