ggv 2.8.3

       Module: ggv
      Version: 2.8.3
  Uploaded by: Jaka Mocnik
  md5sum: 99a521e2ad0f52db1bb99163a35a711d
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: 93fc58f6e1e765e5b5189c94878cfde9
    size: 1.3M


2005-02-02  Jaka Mocnik  <jaka gnu org>

	* made -Wall clean.
	* updated recent-files from libegg (only a small sanity check).
	* applied Mark McLoughlin's patch for mime-type checks of remote URIs
	in recent-files module.

2005-01-06  Jaka Mocnik  <jaka gnu org>

	* bumped version to 2.8.3.

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