Module: gdm
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: 50254890d9fbbec6b2d3455d4343f6e0
    size: 5.4M
  md5sum: d3c7d5e605fb5a27f59e228d49469fd6
    size: 3.2M

---- stuff:

- Now using CVS head of vicious-extensions, left out of previous
  release due to schedule freeze.

- Do not init the wm twice if gdm_wm_init is called twice. (George)

- Always destroy dialog widget in greeter to fix non-fatal error
  dialogs from hanging around. (George)

- Leak corrected in daemon/verify-pam.c. (George)

- Corrected g_strconcat call in gui/gdmsetup.c. (meissner suse de)

- Added Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, South African English, and Zulu.
  to language translations. (Dwayne Baily)

- Updated build files so it can be built and distributed with new
  buildtools than 1.4.   makedist fixes, etc.

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