gcalctool 5.7.18

       Module: gcalctool
      Version: 5.7.18
  Uploaded by: Rich Burridge

  md5sum: b2e4ce2ececb1d8da1270991895195b3
    size: 1.5M

  md5sum: 89bed90db2f6f2d324df5726ddd6fe6c
    size: 884K


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.7.18

* Final fix for bug #153854. Now handles the case where the first thing 
  the user does is change mode (Basic, Financial, Advanced, Scientific) 
  in AOP mode.

* Released a gcalctool tarball for GNOME 2.13.4.


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.7.17

* Fixed bug #323150. Sqrt (and other similar operations) no longer fail 
  in non-English locales


Overview of changes in gcalctool 5.7.16

* Fixed bug #324001. Primary Selection (middle mouse button) is now working.


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