gnome-python 2.12.3

       Module: gnome-python
      Version: 2.12.3
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
  md5sum: 22a29af113a6e487064c8dd67a8b51ff
    size: 504K
  md5sum: 20c4414a837d0c6efc2f324f9142974c
    size: 372K


Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.12.2 to gnome-python 2.12.3
* python gnomevfs methods
 - Again, fix handling of VFS errors from python vfs methods (Eitan Isaacson)
 - Don't map VFS method check_same_fs to move_func python method (Eitan)

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