ximian-connector 1.5.94

       Module: ximian-connector
      Version: 1.5.94
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes

  md5sum: d18dc92eec832760b57a9dd56a2b8be8
    size: 1.6M

  md5sum: cdd5ee75723356513fe982db2e84c210
    size: 1.1M


Changes to Ximian Connector between 1.5.93 and 1.5.94

	* Several new translations

	* Fixed a crash when moving messages [63315]

	* Fixed a bug in importing calendar objects [61053]

	* Fixed an autoconfiguration problem against Exchange 2000 SP2

	* Fixes to calendar direct booking code.

	* Fixed a crash in Favorite folders code [64235]

	* Fixed a crash in autocompletion [63546]

Changes between 1.5.92 and 1.5.93

	* Fixed several regressions from 1.4:
		* Direct booking now works again
		* Alarms dismissed in Evolution are considered
		  dismissed by Outlook as well [45103]
		* "Favorite" Public folders now show up in the various
		  component views

	* Fixed a crash unsubscribing from another user's folder

	* Fixed a problem with deleting Exchange addressbooks and
          calendars. [57129] Addressbook/calendar/task sources are now
          properly renamed when the account is renamed [61332]

	* Fixed a bug that could result in some messages not going
          away properly when deleting large numbers of messages.

	* Fixed a hang when updating meeting information [62631]

	* Fixed a crash when moving an appointment [62852]

	* Added configure flags for kerberos support on 64-bit

	* Fixed a crash in the delegation code [62248]

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