evolution 1.5.94

       Module: evolution
      Version: 1.5.94
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes

  md5sum: c307344c28a540469bcf2cdff7035f6b
    size: 18M

  md5sum: ce59d18b6e40f67077b95fbdec8f12c4
    size: 13M


Evolution 1.5.94, 2004-08-27

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

 * Addressbook

   #61833 - Blank names in name selector (Hans Petter)
   #62715 - Free-form addresses not loading in contact editor (Hans Petter)

 * Calendar

   #62869 - Crash: attempt to access GW tasks from evolution (Siva)
   #62706 - Changing time-zone doesn't refresh calendar correctly (JP)
   #62063 - Meeting description does not wrap (Jeff)
   #58824 - Stray message or failing to open tasks? (Rodrigo)
   #62911 - ITIP control blocks mailer opening calendar (JP)
   #54101 - In itip control had "Birthdays & Anniversaries" as calendar (JP)

 * Mail

   #63189 - Deleting IMAP folders is too aggressive  (Michael)
   #63504 - Don't send IMAP commands to a disconnected socket  (Jeff)
   #63177 - Can't drag folder to "On This Computer"  (Jeff)
   #62812 - Crash when parent of search window is closed  (Jeff)
   #62963 - C99-isms in smime/gui/cert-trust-dialog.c  (Michael)

Other bugs

  * Addressbook

    - Confirmation dialog was showing up on contact-editor close,
      even if there were no changes (Hans Petter)

  * Calendar

    - Fixed problems in alarm daemon (JP, Siva, Rodrigo)
    - Clean up of stray status messages for tasks (Chen)
    - Don't remove GtkDialog's separator if using GTK >= 2.4.0 (Frederic)
    - Fix copy/move problems when pilot syncing (JP)
    - Don't mark menu accels for translation (Christian)

  * Mail

    - Crash in em-utils on GtkFileChooser with no name selected (Hans Petter)

  * Misc

    - avoid warnings on dialogs with GTK 2.4 (Frederic)
    - upgrade egg tray icon (Rodrigo)
    - fix memory corruption when pilot syncing tasks/events (JP)

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