planner 0.12.1

       Module: planner
      Version: 0.12.1
  Uploaded by: Richard Hult
  md5sum: de0ec2a9430415fe68d43cadce63a8f9
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: 423c3216cb9049bc526e00ebf81d069b
    size: 2.2M


2004-08-29  Richard Hult  <richard imendio com>

	* Release 0.12.1.
	* Bump version to 0.12.1.

2004-08-24  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

	* Add «nb» to ALL_LINGUAS.

2004-08-21  Richard Hult  <richard imendio com>

	* data/
	* libegg/recent-files:
	* src/planner-table-print-sheet.c:
	* src/planner-view-loader.c:
	* src/planner-window.c: Merge fixes from HEAD.

2004-08-06  Richard Hult  <richard imendio com>

	* src/planner-task-cmd.c: 
	* src/planner-resource-cmd.c: Include config.h to fix i18n.

2004-07-24  Richard Hult  <richard imendio com>

	* src/planner-task-dialog.c
	(task_dialog_resource_units_cell_edited): Don't do anything unless
	the value changes. Fixes bug #148306.

2004-07-19  Richard Hult  <richard imendio com>

	* Bump.

	* data/glade/ Re-save with old glade so we don't
	get runtime warnings when using older GTK+.

	* src/planner-window.c (window_print_cb): Set numeric locale to C
	temporarily as workaround for broken pdf output.

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