gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.11

       Module: gnome-pilot-conduits
      Version: 2.0.11
  Uploaded by: JP Rosevear
  md5sum: 6f090b3f524e885ce851c3aa79850a96
    size: 636K
  md5sum: 005f97828e91d552b4d20e22ced1ec58
    size: 456K


2004-04-28  Adam Weinberger  <adamw gnome org>

	* Added en_CA to ALL_LINGUAS.

2004-04-10  Gareth Owen  <gowen72 yahoo com>

	* Added en_GB to ALL_LINGUAS

2004-02-09  Robert Sedak  <robert sedak sk htnet hr>

        * Added "hr" (Croatian) to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-08-20  Hasbullah Bin Pit <sebol ikhlas com>
        * Added 'ms' (Malay) to ALL_LINGUAS.

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