genius 0.7.1

       Module: genius
      Version: 0.7.1
  Uploaded by: George Lebl
  md5sum: c0e4e906bee0c14aaebfc3ecd17ceef4
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: f6595351975739225727c0f8e0e8fb72
    size: 1.1M


Changes to 0.7.1

* Run EPS output through ps2epsi if it's there which adds a bitmap preview,
  even though this bitmap preview is fairly crappy
* Add PNG export for plots
* Remove some parenthesis from output where they are not needed
* SYNTAX: InfiniteSum, InfiniteSum2, InfiniteProduct, InfiniteProduct2,
  now no longer take the tolerance argument and behaviour is controlled
  by the SumProductTolerance, SumProductSFS and SumProductNumberOfTries like
  other limits and they return null when limit can't seem to be found
* Add: NumericalLeftDerivative, NumericalRightDerivative
* Fix the NumericalLimitAtInfinity function and its use and with that fix
  NDerivative (which is now an alias for NumericalDerivative), IsContinuous,
  IsDifferentiable, Limit, LeftLimit, RightLimit
* Fix the specfile and custom CFLAGS are added after the default ones
  (Florin Andrei, me)
* LinePlot and SurfacePlot no longer crash when called without arguments
* Fix EPS/PS export for older gtk
* Fixup compilation of GtkExtra-2 with gcc 3.4
* Bunch of "optimizations" and minor fixes

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