ORBit2 2.11.2

       Module: ORBit2
      Version: 2.11.2
  Uploaded by: Michael Meeks

  md5sum: b763a7fb99753a22e950c9045e96953b
    size: 908K

  md5sum: b79c1b2c4d99cc0ceed2b7aab3ea301a
    size: 664K


2004-08-19  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

	* Version 2.11.2

	* src/orb/GIOP/giop-recv-buffer.c
	(giop_recv_list_destroy_queue_entry): unref the
	ent's connection without the message queue lock

	* test/everything/client.c: bin stderr printfs
	during thread tests, to avoid unhelpful rescheduling.
	* src/orb/orb-core/orbit-small.c
	(ORBit_small_unlisten_for_broken_full): use the
	peek method, no need to try re-connecting just to
	disconnect the 'broken' signal.

	* src/orb/orb-core/corba-object.c
	(CORBA_Object_release_cb): after a long audit;
	unlock / lock around the giop connection unref;
	this avoids the final connection release
	deadlocking vs. a pending call in the I/O
	thread needing this lock.
	(ORBit_object_peek_connection): impl.

2004-08-19  Magnus Therning  <magnus therning org>

	* src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl-backend.c: fix
	bit-field assignments.

2004-08-10  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

	* test/everything/basicServer.c
	(BasicServer_testBoolString): impl.

2004-08-11  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

	* src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl-c-backend.c: (orbit_idl_output_c):
	0 vs NULL.
	* src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl-c-common.c: (cc_output_typecodes):i
	Same here.
	* src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl-c-utils.c:
	(orbit_cbe_get_typespec_str): Same here too.
	* src/orb/dynamic/dynany.c: (DynamicAny_DynUnion_member_name):
	0 vs NULL and add some casts.
	* src/orb/orb-core/allocators.c: (ORBit_freekids_via_TypeCode_T):
	0 vs NULL fixes.
	* src/orb/orb-core/corba-object.c: (ORBit_objref_find):
	Same again.
	* src/services/name/boot.c: (main): And again.
	* test/echo-srv.c: (echo_srv_finish_object), (echo_srv_finish_poa):
	And again.

2004-08-10  Mark McLoughlin  <mark skynet ie>

	* src/orb/orb-core/iop-profiles.c: (IOP_start_profiles),
	(IOP_TAG_CODE_SETS_demarshal): don't initialize the sequence
	using structure initialization, but rather zero the structure
	contents. Fixes bug #147255, which admittedly is really a
	gcc on powerpc bug, but this code is nicer anyway.

2004-08-08  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* src/orb/orb-core/corba-any.c (ORBit_sequence_remove):
	Impl. method to remove a single element in an ORBit sequence.

	* include/orbit/orb-core/orbit-small.h: Add ORBit_sequence_remove

	* test/everything/client.c (testSequenceHelpers): Test

2004-07-30  Mark McLoughlin  <mark skynet ie>

	* test/test-corbaloc.c: "\%" isn't a valid escape sequence,
	so just use "%". From d binderman virgin net 

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