ORBit2 2.10.1

       Module: ORBit2
      Version: 2.10.1
  Uploaded by: Michael Meeks

  md5sum: 9d1813c057f19863a90a9c2b84256d13
    size: 876K

  md5sum: f3ce1bb12976a799db7e58d8e76c2ad9
    size: 640K


2004-04-21  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

	* Version 2.10.1

2004-04-21  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

	* src/orb/orb-core/iop-profiles.c
	(CodeSetComponent_demarshal): don't spew a
	g_warning, just a dprintf.
	(IOP_UnknownComponent_marshal): actually marshal
	the length of the sequence as well as the data.

2004-04-21  Bill Haneman  <bill haneman sun com>

	* test/everything/basicServer.c
	(TestFactory_getObjectCount, TestFactory_getObject):
	hammer on some JavaORB stuff.

	* test/everything/client.c (testIOR): impl.
	(run_tests): upd.

2004-04-13  Joe Marcus Clarke  <marcus freebsd org>

	* ORBit-2.0.pc.in: add gthread dep.

2004-03-19  Mark McLoughlin  <mark skynet ie>

	* orbit2-config.in: return -lORBitCosNaming-2 with
	--use-service=name rather than -lORBitCosNaming.
	This script is still deprecated old cruft, though.

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