yelp 2.6.1

       Module: yelp
      Version: 2.6.1
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
  md5sum: 95f31e64224b857af1ec54b8628d760e
    size: 644K
  md5sum: 965ab4cb4f40c76554ce850d63281f06
    size: 508K


Changes in 2.6.1:
* Numerous leaks identified and fixed:
  #140597, #140595, #140546, #140525, #140524          (Morten Welinder)
* Crash on close fixed, #140300                        (Morten Welinder)
* Fixed compile failure, #134886                       (Shaun McCance)
* Fixed potential memory error, #128914                (Shaun McCance)
* Updated translations:
  af      (Zuza Software Foundation)
  gu      (Gujarati Team)
  is      (Helgi Žormar Žorbjörnsson)
  th      (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
  hr      (Robert Sedak)
  hu      (Andras Timar)

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