Unable to load video .mp4 Please check that you have the right codec installed

I'm using the latest stable flatpak version from frogr (1.1).
When I try to add any .mp4 video, the error "Unable to load video foo.mp4 Please check that you have the right codec installed" appears.
I'm running under Fedora 24 and I've installed the video codecs using the following instructions: http://www.yocupicio.com/que-hacer-despues-de-instalar-fedora-24/#Instalar_Codecs
I believe that the codecs are installed correctly because in Frogr version 0.1 (installed from dnf) I'm able to upload the videos, however, because of the video size (400MB) I'm not able to upload it successfully using version 0.1, so I wanted to try in 1.1.


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