Re: Porting frogr to gst-1.0


Yes, the idea is to eventually port it to 1.0, which is probably
something that should have be done already in the first place, but that
I finally didn't do because I didn't have much time for devoting to that
feature (gstreamer is only needed for video thumbnails) and for some
reason gst 0.10 was easier for me with my nearly-zero knowledge about

Also, another reason is that I wanted to support distros that perhaps
might not have gst 1.0 available and so 0.10 seemed to be a safer bet
(1.0 still felt like "too recent") :)

But short answer is "yes, there are chances". Another question is when,
because frogr is an application I work on entirely just on my spare time
and so I don't know when it will happen.

In any case, as they say, "patches are welcome" so if somebody steps in
and provide the patch for this I would be glad to integrate it and leave
it there so it would come out already with the next release :)


On Tue, 2013-02-05 at 21:11 +0100, BjÃrn Lie wrote:
> Hi Upstream.
> You recently put out frogr 0.8 with a new build dependency: gstreamer
> 0.10
> Any chance of this getting ported to gstreamer-1.0?
> //BjÃrn
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