About frogr 0.8 and removing support for GTK+ 2

Hi all,

I have been working a bit lately in the next release of frogr and, among
some other stuff, I've currently added the following things, to be out
with the 0.8 release:

 - Better handling and reporting of errors in the 'after
   upload operations' (e.g. adding to sets, setting license...)

 - Support for uploading videos with frogr (requires gstreamer)

 - Support for saving the current state into a "project file"
   so you can load it later and continue working (WARNING: this
   specific feature has not been heavily tested yet)

Now, I'd like to add a last new feature to frogr 0.8 which is migrating
to GMenu to use the global menu in environments supporting that, like
GNOME Shell, while at the same time simplifying the Mac OS X specific
code. This requires to migrate first to GTKApplication, though, and
depend on GTK+ 3.4 for that specific feature.

The thing is that we are already in GNOME 3.6 and heading towards 3.8
and so I'm considering to do a big change and require GTK+ >= 3.4 from
now on (now it's GTK+ >= 2.16).

Why? Well, mainly because of the following reasons:

 - There's specific code in frogr for GTK < 2.24, then for
   2.24 <= GTK < 3.0 and then for GTK >= 3.0. And if we port 
   to GMenu, we would add a new "GTK >= 3.4" step to maintain.

 - There's code for Mac OS X, specific to the creation of the
   global menu, that could be removed with GTK >= 3.4, which
   comes already with support for that (thanks to GMenu).

 - GTK+ 3.4 is already in Debian testing (which will soon be
   stable) and in the latest Ubuntu LTS, which are the distros
   I normally look at when considering raising the version of
   the dependencies, as long as in any modern distro.
So that's why I think moving to GTK+ >= 3.4 would be a good move, even
if it is a big jump from 2.16: it would help writing new features while
dropping a lot of conditional code and, at the same time, it would
probably be not a problem for most of the users of frogr, who I assume
would be using a modern enough GNU/Linux distribution.

What do you think?


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