Users of frogr 0.5 in Ubuntu, please upgrade the package asap.

Hi all,

If you have already installed frogr 0.5 for Ubuntu from my PPA or from
the pre-compiled packages in, please *do upgrade*
to the latest version of the Ubuntu packages *as soon as possible*, as
available in my PPA. 

If you already have the PPA configured in your system, you can upgrade
just frogr by simply doing this:

sudo apt-get update && sudo install frogr

There was a problem with the generation of the previous version of the
packages for Ubuntu (files being installed under /tmp/frogr, instead
of /usr/share) and all of them (Lucid, Maverick and Natty) are broken
and need to be updated.

Also, from now on there won't be any ubuntu packages in my personal
space at, in order to minimize
the impact of these kind of mistakes in the future, if it ever happens
again. So, from now on PPA is the only supported way of installing frogr
from .deb files meanwhile not officially in Ubuntu.

Sorry so much for the hassle.


PS: Already updated the blog post [1] reflecting this information, as
well as the web site of the project [2].


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