String freeze for frogr 0.6


Now announcing that the feature & string freezes for frogr 0.6 [1] are
officially starting right now, so it's safe from now on to update the
already existing translations and pages from the manual, as well as to
add as many others as the translation teams find interesting to add.

With regard to the User Manual, please notice that some screenshots
('preferences' and 'edit details' dialogs) have changed since the moment
when the initial files were added under help/ so it would be needed to
update those too, not just the strings. Sorry about that :(

Get the latest PO files for UI translations at:

Get the latest PO files for the User Guide at:

And their current status status at:

As usual, I'm planning to release frogr 0.6 in two-three weeks time,
probably on August the 5th, and not later than the 12th (max deadline),
so it would be nice to get the translations updated by then.

>From my side, and of course besides other duties, I'll concentrate in
testing, bugfixing and stabilization tasks during these weeks.

Thanks a lot!


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