Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) 0.6.1


Frogr 0.6.1 is now out.

* What is it ?

Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) intends to be a complete
application to remotely manage a flickr account from the GNOME desktop.

At this moment frogr is basically a flickr uploader for GNOME, but the
plan is to iteratively evolve it towards a complete flickr manager which
should allow things such as modifying properties for already uploaded
pictures, managing flickr albums an so forth.

This is just a bugfixing release to address some severe issues found
shortly after the 0.6 release (see details below)

This project is Free Software and published under the terms of the GNU
General Public License v3.

* What has changed in 0.6.1?

  * Fix a big memory leak loading pixbufs in details window.
  * Fixed several mem leaks as reported by valgrind. (C. Fergeau).
  * Fixed segfault if using GTK < 2.24 with combo boxes (A. Garcia).
  * Fixed problems authorizing in the Mac version.

Bug fixes:

  * #656519: memleak fixes

For more details on previous releases, check out the NEWS file:

* Where can I get it ?

  * Source code:  (2.08M)
06d9ec7447495bb3d1572f7ad39b6f25bd4f40d35c03f73ea4b62cbb204972e1 (2.16M)

  * Upstream code in git repository at
    git clone git://

  * Other options to get frogr (binaries) in the web of the project:

* Thanks to contributors on this release

  * Alberto Garcia.
  * Christophe Fergeau.



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