Re: String freeze for frogr 0.6

Hi again,

On Sat, 2011-07-23 at 13:44 +0200, Mario Sanchez Prada wrote:
> [...]
> With regard to the User Manual, please notice that some screenshots
> ('preferences' and 'edit details' dialogs) have changed since the moment
> when the initial files were added under help/ so it would be needed to
> update those too, not just the strings. Sorry about that :(

I just have pushed some work by Pierre-Yves LUYTEN (Thanks!) who kindly
updated the user manual to match the current state of frogr (both
regarding to new/changed sections and images), which means good news for
frogr as now the user manual is correct, but bad news for translations,
since the current state of most of them has dropped down to 44%.

However I think you all will agree it's better to ship frogr with a
partly translated but correct manual than with a fully translated but
incorrect one, so I hope you won't feel desires to kill me by now :-)

> As usual, I'm planning to release frogr 0.6 in two-three weeks time,
> probably on August the 5th, and not later than the 12th (max deadline),
> so it would be nice to get the translations updated by then.

I was thinking during all the week about releasing frogr 0.6 today, but
since there's actually not any hurry to do it, and considering I just
screwed up the translations for the user manual some minutes ago, I will
wait some more days (deadline next friday) to give you time to update
them, in case you want to do it and it's feasible.

Otherwise, as I said before, frogr 0.6 will be shipped as it is now and
we'll have plenty of time to complete the translations fro the next
release, or even in an intermediate one.


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