Re: status of fplan?

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 02:14:29PM -0500, Kevin Horton wrote:
> I've stumbled across fplan and managed to get it working on Mac OS X, 
> although I'm still puzzled by how to create a personal database.


There is a paragraph or so about this topic in the user's guide.
Basically you create a text version of the database file with
your favorite editor (see "man 5 fplan" for the format specifics),
and then process the file with "paddb" to generate the fixed length
records that fplan expects. Contact me directly if you have trouble..

A good small little project for someone might be to write a little
python or tcl/tk front end for this process.

> I'm wondering what the status of fplan is.  Has development ceased? 
> Is anyone still using the program, or is there some other similar 
> unix program that I haven't found yet?

It's the usual too many hobbies, so little time phenomena. I did
manage to update the databases a couple months back but with a new
job (good news for the long run), helping with 2 flying clubs, real
flying, girl friend, other free software projects, etc. it's tough to
find the time.  One of my long term goals is to work towards a port to
the Zaurus or similar Linux PDAs.

There is a derivative work called xplan? out there (sorry I cant be
more specific, I'm on the road for the holidays, and don't have all
my usual resources handy). It provides a GTK based graphical interface.

I do have a ton of patches and small improvements for fplan that
kind folks have sent me (as well as for the Linux Aviation HOWTO).
So yes, it is used by quite a few pilots out there....

Happy Holidays, John

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