Re: Moving final mailman lists over to discourse

On Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 10:29 AM Neil McGovern <neil gnome org> wrote:

On Thu, 2022-09-29 at 14:18 -0300, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:
Hi Neil,

Reading your list-of-lists.txt attachment I noticed that some mailing
lists used by language teams in Damned Lies are in the "Lists to
close" category. These mailing lists are used by Damned Lies to send
notifications of translation activities. If closed there's a chance
could break Damned Lies notifications, and I don't think Damned Lies
is not able to notify Discourse.

Damned Lies can indeed notify Discourse - there's an email interface if
needed, which is what the release team ended up doing. However, I think
a better idea is to rethink the workflow a little... I'll follow up on
the issue :)

I agree with Neil here. Discourse doesn't look like the right place
for automated notifications.

Couldn't Damned Lies allow for translators to individually subscribe
for notifications and get these emails sent directly to them?

I know this requires someone to implement the feature, but I think it
is of our general interest, so maybe we could request some funding for
it. In the past we had an Outreachy intern working on integrating
GTranslator with Damned Lies, maybe that same intern would be
interested in working on this.

I recommend double-checking that with GTP coordinators.

The language team lists I found in the text file are:

There's a couple missing from your list (like -cyr) and a couple that
haven't seen postings since 2009 (like -latin), but yes.

Let's continue over on :)

Neil McGovern
Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation
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