GNOME Accounts - Introducing Automation


As we discussed during GUADEC and as many of you know, processing new and existing GNOME account changes has been a manual action for many years now. With the introduction of OCP, GitLab CI/CD, IPA and SSO, we wanted to enable GNOME contributors and developers to fulfil their needs in total autonomy and freedom without requiring interventions from our side when it came to provision resources or build/test GNOME software.

With that in mind we're happy to announce new and existing GNOME account changes are now processed via automation.

How it works

When visiting [1] you will be shown an issue template composed of some documentation on top and a json dictionary. The only field that requires an update is the json dictionary, the following format should be used: 

action can be any of:

1. new_account
2. git_access
3. master_access
4. update_email

While the module key should be the name of any GNOME module as found within [2], the module key should only be specified with the new_account, git_access, master_access actions.

The title of the issue should be: "Account request".

Other key takes when selecting the new_account action:

1. Your name, surname and username will be computed out of your full name as found in your GitLab profile
2. The registered email on your account will be the one of your GitLab profile

Other key takes when selecting the update_email action:

1. The email that will be synchronized with IPA is the primary one you have registered on your GitLab account, please make sure that one is up-to-date

What automation will take care of:

1. Generate your account information and allow the Accounts team to verify compliance, also add necessary labels
2. Mail individual existing GNOME module maintainers and have them acknowledge your new or existing GNOME account request
3. Once all the verifications have happened, automation will create your account or update it with additional permissions
4. Close the issue and turn the confidential flag to on once the full process has completed

Please let us know any feedback you may have, for any bug report please use [3].

Once an initial phase of testing has happened, the idea we have is introducing the same automation within the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee as well during the coming months.




Principal Systems Engineer at Red Hat,
GNOME Infrastructure Team Coordinator,
Former GNOME Foundation Board of Directors Secretary,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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