Memberships needing renewal (2022-1)


as per point 1.3 of [1], here it comes a list of members in need of a
renew in case they didn't receive their individual e-mail:

First name Last name, (Last renewed on)

Christian Hergert, 2020-01-03
Rafael Fontenelle, 2020-01-03
Tristan Van Berkom, 2020-01-14
Debarshi Ray, 2020-01-03
ChangSeok Oh, 2020-01-07
Thibault Saunier, 2020-01-30
Aron Xu, 2020-01-07
Bilal Elmoussaoui, 2020-01-11
Jordan Petridis, 2020-01-27
Milo Casagrande, 2020-01-07
Alexandre Franke, 2020-01-28
Felix Häcker, 2020-01-11
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, 2020-01-11
Joanmarie Diggs, 2020-01-07
Jehan Pagès, 2020-01-08
Martin Abente Lahaye, 2020-01-07

The Renewal form can be found at [2].

   GNOME Membership and Elections Committee


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