Re: Wrapping up Bugzilla migration

On Thu, 2021-05-20 at 09:38 +0200, Ondrej Holy via foundation-list wrote:
Do I understand correctly that the valuable content of the old, or non-migrated bug reports won't be lost, just converted to static pages, right?

I sure as heck hope so too; for example, I think that Evolution still has (if I'm not mistaken) a lot of bug reports/requests on Bugzilla that I care about and haven't had the time to manually migrate as a bug reporter; frankly, not everyone here has the luxury to be paid to focus on FLOSS development & QA (both of which require a tremendous time and energy commitment) year-round. It sometimes takes me months/years to be able to get back to the backlog in batch... I currently don't have time to do so, and I'm worried that important things would be lost if the Bugzilla instance is shut down completely (instead of keeping a searchable archive of it, at least).

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