Gnome 40


    I normally do not complain, but this time I have to. I have been using Linux since 1994 and I decided to stick with RedHat since 1995. Linux has always been my workstation and I like Fedora because of its leading edge philosophy. So, I have been using Gnome since Fedora introduce it. When Gnome 3 came out with its new look, it took me some time go get accustom but once I did I love it. I like to embrace new things. Moving the mouse pointer to the corner and going down the left side to pick up an application make sense. The mouse travel time was minimum. Now Gnome 40 has move the application bar to the bottom like OSX or Windows, this is not new and makes the mouse travel time longer. For the most part I am a console user. But I use a console under the graphical interface and use the mouse when needed, this change is not leading edge, but backwards.

    The application bar at the bottom of the screen may benefit most OSX and Windows users, but it is not logical and definitely not new. I know that you will do whatever you think it is necessary, but at least make it an option for the loyal user that have been using this environment since the beginning, thanks.


Jose Sanchez
Computer Science
Computer Engineer

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