Upcoming Collections


For all our clients and potential new clients we will be providing a contactless IT collection service over the course of the next couple of weeks. In line with the Covid-19 safe working practices.
We will have our collections drivers available and we can collect all the usual items, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, printers, plotters, monitors, hard drives, data tapes etc.
Contactless collection slots will be made available to clients when they require them at times and dates they choose so please don’t hesitate to contact

 FREE REMOVAL & COLLECTION: All removals and collections are absolutely free to schools, colleges, and other educational institutes!!!

Request a Collection

At Techism IT, we undertake the secure, GDPR compliant and environmentally friendly destruction and recycling of redundant business IT equipment.

We can recycle ANYTHING in your office including:

 Monitors | TVs | IT Equipment, Servers, Laptops / Tablets, Mobile Phones / Hard Disks, UPS Back-up / Battery Units, Cabling & Networking Equipment, Photocopiers / Scanners / Fax Machines, Toners | Telephone Systems | Paper Documentation | CD's, Air Conditioning Units, Racking and more...

For further details on our services and pricing and to request your collection, tell us what you wish to recycle here and a member of our team will be in touch to provide a competitive quotation and collection date. 

Contact us now to arrange a collection or call on 01753355555 to speak to one of our team



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E :  office techism-it com |  www.techism-it.com P : +44 0 1753 355 555   


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