Re: Question to candidates: eco-friendliness

El mar, 4 de jun 2019 a las 8:12 AM, Philip Chimento via foundation-list <foundation-list gnome org> escribió:
I think it would be interesting to experiment with all-remote hackfests, where we try to build an experience in between the normal "type text, hit submit, wait for text in return" interaction, and the resource- and time-intensive hackfest/conference experience. Not to replace either of them, but to supplement them. The board can't dictate that community members do this, but I would be interested in seeing how we could facilitate it.

I think this is a great proposal. I've the same feeling, I want to participate more in some gnome hackfests but I don't have the time or energy to be travelling around the world, so this kind of remote hackfests sounds really interesting.

There are tools that can help a lot with this, I think that we don't need *video*, something like mumble [1] will works for that kind of hackfests, with a room, or multiple rooms, and people working together and talking to each other.

I hope this kind of hackfests will become a reality so we can collaborate from all around the world with people in real time and maybe we are able to find a mixed solution to have people in place and remote.

Thanks a lot


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