Minutes of the board meeting of December 10, 2018

= Foundation Board Minutes for Monday 10 December, 16:30 UTC =

Wiki location: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20181210

== Attending ==

 * RobMcQueen
 * AllanDay
 * KatGerasimova
 * CarlosSoriano
 * PhilipChimento
 * NeilMcGovern
 * RosannaYuen

== Regrets ==

 * NuritziSanchez

== Missing ==

 * FedericoMenaQuintero

== Agenda ==

 * FOSDEM travel approvals (Allan)
 * Donation for FLOSS Desktops For Kids project (Neil)
 * Review board initiatives (Allan)
 * Holiday meeting dates (Allan)
 * Michael Hall's resignation from the travel committee (Philip)

== Minutes ==

 * FOSDEM travel approvals
   * VOTE: Approval for Neil and any board members attending the advisory board meeting at FOSDEM to use the Foundation travel policy.
     * +1 Unanimous

 * Donation for FLOSS Desktops For Kids project
   * https://opensource.org/node/954
   * This request came in from Sri. The Open Source Initiative's fundraising drive this year is to support the FLOSS Desktops For Kids project. This supports children learning about computers, and installing free software on old hardware.
   * Kat: Is there anything GNOME-related in this project?
     * Neil: No particular members are involved, but they do install Ubuntu on the computers so GNOME is going on the desktops.
   * Neil: The OSI is a 501(c)3 so we are allowed to give them money, and this aligns with our mission.
   * Philip: How large would the donation be?
     * Neil: It's up to the board, but USD 1000 would be a meaningful donation.
   * Carlos: How needed is the donation? Are they relying on us?
     * Neil: No, this was a nice suggestion from Sri for something that we might want to support.
   * Kat: What impact would a donation of USD 1000 make and how will it be used?
   * Philip: Leaning towards yes, it's a good cause and nice gesture, but I would like to read more about the program.
   * Carlos: Leaning towards no, not convinced about donating to other organizations without more clear direct benefit to GNOME.
   * Rob: In the middle, it seems like there are many more of these causes that we could support and I'm not convinced that GNOME donors would expect us to use GNOME funds in this way.
     * Kat: Agree with Rob.
   * Rob: What would you do, Neil?
     * Neil: I've always been wary of funding other things with GNOME funds, we are not a grant-making organization, but it is a relatively small amount of money, quite aligned with what we do, and enables children to get exposed to free software and technology.
   * VOTE: Donate USD 1000 to the FLOSS Desktops For Kids project.
     * +1 Rob, Allan, Kat, Philip
     * -1 Carlos
     * Vote passed.

 * Review board initiatives
   * It's been a while since the last meeting and it would be good to review what we're working on and identify things that have possibly stalled.
   * Rob: We should push forward with the "What is a GNOME module" question, as we will have to have a period of community consultation before making anything official in that topic.
     * Allan: Let's have a call next week about this.
   * Carlos: We should finish discussing the Foundation's 1-year goals that we didn't finish during the hackfest.
     * Allan: What's the status of that?
     * Neil: The next step is for me to operationalize the 5- and 10-year goals into 1-year goals, and propose those to the board. I haven't had time for that over the past couple of weeks due to interviews, but I will be able to do it in the new year.
     * Carlos: I will look at the existing document and polish it up a bit before sending it on to Neil.
   * Kat: I can pick up the devolved conference bidding process next week.
     * Allan: We can have a call about it after you do that.
   * Philip: I will try to work on the revised travel policy over the holidays, and get it into a state where we can have some rounds of edits when Nuritzi returns.
   * Allan: How about FOSDEM and the advisory board meeting?
     * Neil: Make sure to sign up so there is space for you at lunch, if you attend in person.
     * Neil: There will be a GNOME Beers event, and a copyleft conference on Monday for people who are staying for it.
     * Kat: Anything to do for GNOME Beers?
       * Neil: The venue might change, it was overloaded last year.
       * Kat: Let me know if the venue changes and I will update the poster.
     * Kat: I will print merchandise for FOSDEM, reimbursements?
       * Neil: As long as we know the value of the merchandise we sold.
   * Allan: I would like to do a budget review in the new year.
     * Neil: March would be a good time for that, considering workload, and we will be at half of the fiscal year at that point.
   * Allan: Kat, is there anything to take note of for GUADEC?
     * Kat: The board could book their travel already.
     * Kat: We have a keynote speaker, and are looking at booking a whole hotel for the participants. Looking at registration system right now (OpenEvent) - going a bit slowly as we don't have the needed expertise.
     * Carlos: How is the sponsorship going to work, without Alberto on the sponsorship committee?
       * Neil will pick it up.
     * Kat: When will the sponsorship brochure appear?
       * Neil: Early 2019.

 * Holiday meeting dates
   * Kat: Propose keeping the 17th, and skipping the 24th and 31st.
     * No objections.
   * Allan: How long are we keeping this new meeting time?
     * Philip: It's intended to last until the daylight savings time changes in March, if this time works for Nuritzi when she returns.

 * Michael Hall's resignation from the travel committee
   * The board notes the resignation and thanks Michael for his work.

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