Moving foundation-list to discourse?

Hi all,

it has been around half a year since GNOME started to host a
Discourse[0] instance, which was generally well received.

Listadmin wise (I'm NOT the admin here!), mailman is not really nice to
use. If something ends up in the moderation queue it'll take quite a bit
of effort for a moderator to look at it.

Discourse is free software (including the Javascript) and the
dependencies are also free software.

You can sign up in various ways. First of all there's regular
email+password. It also allows single-sign on systems, like Google and
Github, to authenticate yourself. Lastly (and preferred way) if you have
a GNOME LDAP account already, you're strongly encouraged to use that
method of authentication.

You can still use email to interact with Discourse, and a guide is
available[2]. The interaction is both ways (sending and receiving). It's
even possible to make Discourse behave like an mailing list.

For specific questions or feedback on Discourse, please post in the
appropriate category[3].

Do people agree to move this to Discourse? Does anyone have objections
or concerns? I didn't check with the current list admins btw.



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