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By request, here is an excerpt from the minutes from the meeting of May 15, 2018, which was private at the time pending an announcement and now public, along with a list of the attendees of that meeting. See

Wiki location of the full minutes of that meeting:

== Attending ==

 * NuritziSanchez
 * CarlosSoriano
 * AllanDay
 * MegFord (planned early departure)
 * DidierRoche (planned late attendance)
 * NeilMcGovern
 * RosannaYuen

== Regrets ==

 * AlexandreFranke
 * CosimoCecchi

== Minutes ==

 * Events code of conduct (Allan)
  * We've had the events code of conduct proposal on the table for some time now. Board members have had chance to review it. Only Alexandre has raised concerns. These include:
    * GDPR - Neil doesn't think this affects the events code of conduct (in a blocking way) and thinks that any issues can be dealt with at a later date
    * Release parties: do we have guidelines for what release parties should follow?
    * Concern about prohibiting speech based on it being "offensive", since this could be subjective.
    * Question about prohibiting weapons: does this include pepper spray, multi-tools
   * Two potential amendments have been discussed with Alexandre:
    * 1. Add a sentence to the photography policy: “If press photographers are present, the event organizer will ask them to comply with this policy.”
    * 2. Remove the section of the incident reporting page that encourages reporting incidents that you might have observed ("if you see someone violating the Code of Conduct")
     * Nuritzi - observing incidents can make people feel uncomfortable/unwelcome. Neil - if you observe a crime, you report it.
  * VOTE: accept the events code of conduct that has been presented ( ) as official GNOME Foundation policy, for all future events
   * Passed unanimously
  * VOTE: 1st amendment
    * Passed unanimously
   * Didier joined at this point.
  * VOTE: 2nd amendment
   * -1 unanimous, (Carlos cites concerns that have been expressed to him by community members)
Meg leaves.

At Alexandre's request (see comment on, I am clarifying explicitly in this addendum that Alexandre Franke was not present at the above board meeting (see list of attendees), and that in the following board meeting he went on the record stating that he disagreed with the outcome of the above votes.

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