looking for a volunteer to represent GNOME at TDF advisory board

Hi all,

Through a reciprocal arrangement with The Document Foundation, the non
profit / fiscal sponsor of the LibreOffice project, the GNOME
Foundation has a seat on their advisory board, which gives us the
opportunity to feed back periodically to TDF advisory board about
topics and issues which interest GNOME.

Since this arrangement in 2016, GNOME's seat on TDF's advisory board
was filled by a representative from the GNOME Board, Alexandre Franke.
As Alexandre has finished his term on the board, we are seeking a new 

Although there are some members of the current board who are interested
in LibreOffice and would happily fill the post in principle (myself
included), we don't personally do a great deal of work directly in this
space. We thought it would be worthwhile to should look for volunteers
amongst the Foundation membership, in case there was an individual who
was more directly involved in document freedom issues which affect
LibreOffice and GNOME, and could be a more experienced representative.

So, we're looking for a volunteer to represent the GNOME Foundation to
TDF's advisory board. The requirements to meet would be:
 - attend the TDF advisory board meetings and act as an advocate for
GNOME concerns
 - collect feedback on LibreOffice from appropriate forums within the
GNOME project and report back
 - listen out for LibreOffice issues which impact GNOME and communicate
those with the project

So - if you are interested in both LibreOffice and the overlap between
free documents and free desktops, please reply to this message and let
us know your interest, relevant contributions or experience with either
project. The board will vote to select our appointed representative for
the remainder of this term, with a view to the board re-affirming this
appointment (similar to a committee) each term provided the appointment
is working well.

Rob & the board

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