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On 29 May 2018 at 22:01, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:

Name: Carlos Soriano


Corporate affiliation: Red Hat

Hello all,

I would like to announce my candidacy for the GNOME Foundation board of directors for the second term.

I've been contributing to GNOME since 2014 as GSoC student for two years in GNOME Shell and then joined Red Hat as maintainer of Nautilus until now.

In the last board term I tried to look after GNOME as a whole while being close to every person in our community. I enjoyed reaching out to the different people that creates GNOME and tried to create initiatives and took the lead of those that I believe have a good impact on the project and organization.

As part of the board, I worked on getting small events have an easy process to get sponsorship in order to encourage participation locally.

More notoriously, I have been working as partnership contact with GitLab. Being part of the board gave me the ground and position to be able to agree on a deal after 6 months of work and discussions. That work included making part of their product free software, removing the CLA, supporting GNOME on our transition, influence their product decisions and finally, getting sponsorship.

Lately, I also created the GNOME Internship program by setting up the instructions, processes, requirements, contract, legal framework and contacting community members needed to make it successful. This effort allowed us to unblock the privacy campaign funds recollected in 2013 and allows the foundation to channel funds towards critical topics from now on.

If I get reelected, I will continue trying to steer the GNOME project in the direction I believe it's most beneficial for the project and that aligns with what the members of GNOME would like for the GNOME project to be.

I don't know how the path will look like, as we are expanding the foundation the challenges ahead are great. However, these challenges are just another motivation to be part of the board.

Carlos Soriano

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