Re: Minutes of the Foundation Board, 1st May

Germán Poo-Caamaño <gpoo gnome org> wrote:
FWIW, processing times for events like GUADEC are not usually processed
before the talks have been accepted. They cannot, as the speakers have
preference, and budget is limited.

That's a good point. Maybe we could look into how the budgets are
allocated for this.

There is a guideline for looking for reasonable prices. In my past
experience at the TC, among all people applying few of them actually
did their homework.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Travel Committee guideline
just say "find the cheapest option"?

The question the board was discussing is how to balance economy and
convenience (in other words, what counts as "reasonable"). For
example, do you have to take the cheapest flight, even if it takes
twice as long? The Foundation's staff travel policy [1] covers this.
For example, it says that it's acceptable to spend $100 extra on a
flight if it saves you 3 hours.

Regarding applicants not doing their homework, the Foundation staff
travel policy also specifies that the traveller should do a price
comparison search and save the results. Maybe this could be a way to
check whether the homework has been done or not...


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