Minutes of the Foundation Board, 23rd February

Hi everyone,

The board wasn't able to make quorum for our regular meeting last
week, so we had a short special meeting at another time, in order to
cover a couple of time-sensitive issues.



= Foundation Board Minutes for Special Meeting, 23 February 2018 =

== Attending ==

 * AlexandreFranke
 * CarlosSoriano
 * AllanDay
 * MegFord
 * NeilMcGovern

== Regrets ==

 * NuritziSanchez

== Missing ==

 * CosimoCecchi
 * DidierRoche
 * RosannaYuen

== Agenda ==

 * (URGENT) Marina outreachy email (Carlos)
 * US events box (Allan)

== Minutes ==

 * (URGENT) Marina outreachy email (Carlos)
  * Request from Marina for GNOME to commit to the spring-autumn 2018
round of Outreachy. Is looking for a commitment for one internship,
costing $6,500. If sponsorship is found for GNOME we won't have to
pay; otherwise we will.
  * The $6,500 is in the budget already.
  * VOTE: Authorize $6,500 for Outreachy in May 2018. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

 * US events box (Allan)
  * Alexandre and Carlos would like more time to think about it.
Alexandre is unsure about some items in the budget. Carlos would like
to look at the foundation's budget. Question about how urgent it is to
replace the box.
  * Meg - there used to be an events box in North America and not
having one has restricted activities.
  * Emily has recently volunteered to have the old box returned. Neil
can talk to her again. However, it's worth noting that the budget is
more about the content rather than the box itself.
  * Scale is March 8-11 - we're pushing it to be ready for then, but
it would be great to have a proper setup - it's the biggest North
American FOSS event.
  * Waiting until Tuesday won't make a huge difference - let's wait
until then, so that Nuritzi can join the call.

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