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On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 9:27 AM Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:
Hello everybody!

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to announce our
newly approved Foundation Members. Please welcome and thank them for
their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation!

It is always awesome to see new members!  Welcome!
They are: *

 1. Justin van Steijn (GNOME Dutch Translator)
 2. Cassidy James Blaede (GNOME UX / Design Team)
 3. Kukuh Syafaat (GNOME Indonesian translator, multiple GNOME
Projects code contributions)
 4. Zixing Liu (GNOME Chinese translations)
 5. Ludovico de Nittis (GNOME-Keysign)
 6. Matthew Leeds (GNOME Builder)
 7. Iñigo Martínez (GSoC 2007, Meson Porting)
 8. Julian Sparber (GNOME Design)
 9. Ekta Nandwani (GNOME Recipes)
 10. Daniel García Moreno (GNOME Libgepub)
 11. Marek Černocký (GNOME Czech translator)

Can't wait to see the output of all your contributions to GNOME! :)

In addition to them, we also have three new Emeritus Members: [1]

 1. Rafael Villar Burke (pygtk-web)
 2. Alberto Garcia (Hosting and co-organizing the 2010 GTK+ Hackfest
in A Coruña, Official Debian maintainer of some GNOME-related
packages: grilo, frogr, ocrfeeder, webkitgtk, Several GNOME-related
courses and presentations (e.g. the GNOME Developer Training sessions
at GUADEC 2010))

Welcome back! :)
 3. Danielle Madeley (GNOME-Applets, Telepathy, Empathy)

Woot!  Welcome back stranger!! :-)


* Syntax is Name Surname (area of involvement)

For any further question you may have, feel free to mail us at
membership-committee@gnome org.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee




Red Hatter,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Infrastructure Team Coordinator,
Former GNOME Foundation Board of Directors Secretary,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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