Memberships needing renewal (2017-3)


as per point 1.3 of [1], here it comes a list of members in need of a
renew in case they didn't receive their individual e-mail:

First name Last name, (Last renewed on)

Andreas Nilsson, 2015-02-19
Tiffany Antopolski, 2015-02-20
Ahmad Haris, 2015-02-17
Edward Hervey, 2015-02-20
Georges Basile Stavracas Neto, 2015-02-20
Robert Roth, 2015-02-17
Pranav Kant, 2015-02-17
Jiro Matsuzawa, 2015-02-17
Emily Gonyer, 2015-02-20
Seif Lotfy, 2015-02-20
Gustavo Noronha Silva, 2015-02-20
Rob Bradford, 2015-02-20
Ismael Olea, 2015-02-17
Sahil Sareen, 2015-02-17
Mario Sanchez Prada, 2015-02-17
Joaquim Manuel Pereira Rocha, 2015-02-17
Martin Robinson, 2015-02-20
Will LaShell, 2015-02-20
Andika Triwidada, 2015-02-17

The Renewal form can be found at [2].

   GNOME Membership and Elections Committee


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