Minutes of the Board meeting of February, 14th, 2017

= Foundation Board Minutes for Tue, February 14th 2017, 18:00 UTC =

Next meeting date Tue, February 21st 2017, 18:00 UTC

Wiki: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20170214

== Attending ==

 * Cosimo Cecchi
 * Allan Day
 * Meg Ford
 * Nuritzi Sanchez
 * Shaun McCance
 * Rosanna Yuen

== Regrets ==

 * Alexandre Franke
 * Jim Hall

== Missing ==

== Agenda for 2017-02-14 ==

 * WHS donation reports
 * Rust Hackfest 2017
 * ED hiring update

== Minutes ==

 * WHS donation reports
  * We will get an update from Alexandre when he's back
  * ACTION: Rosanna to check if there is any mention in the contract about how reports are regulated
   * This was posted on the mailing list

 * Rust Hackfest 2017
  * According to Kat, in order for the event to count as an official GNOME event, it needs to be voted on by the Board
   * The process does not seem to be very well-documented at the moment
   * General feeling that it sounds like a good idea to have the Board vote to approve events
    * Even more so if we have a Code of Conduct that would apply to this kind of events
   * Board is responsible for
    * Making sure that it complies with trademark, and that we want to be associated to it
    * Budget related to the organization of the event as a whole, such as venue, location, materials, etc
   * Travel Committee is responsible for
    * Individual travel expenses
   * We ought to document this process and set of responsibilities a bit better, to make our life and the event organizers' easier
    * ACTION: Nuritzi to take a stab at writing this documentation
  * VOTE: approve the hackfest as an official event
   * +1 Nuritzi, Meg, Allan, Cosimo, Shaun, Alexandre (on mailing list)

 * ED hiring update
  * Reimbursements for expenses
   * It may be cheaper to bundle the reimbursement together with the paycheck, but it depends on the payroll company whether that's possible
   * ACTION: Rosanna to investigate
  * Neil starts tomorrow
   * Allan will have a call with him first thing in the morning, and kick off the onboarding process, sharing the onboarding list that we have put together
   * He has access to the wiki, perhaps not the private areas. We can add him to the "employee group"
   * He is buying the laptop
   * Contacting the AdBoard members and start establishing a relationship with them is a good first task
   * He can also contribute to the sponsorship brochure, which is an urgent item we have on our list
   * Let's encourage him to use his channels and talk about GNOME

== _Ongoing_ ==

'''This section includes items which have seen an update in the last 30 days. Format is "YYYY-MM-DD, action|discussion|abstract" for this and subsequent minutes sections'''

 * WHS donations report
  * 2017-02-14
   * ACTION: Alexandre to follow-up with WHS about donation reports

 * Hackfest process documentation
  * 2017-02-14
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to take a stab at updating the documentation for the process to request a hackfest and responsibilities between Board and TC

 * Participation in academic survey email
  * 2017-02-07
   * This person should feel empowered to contact the community directly
   * ACTION: Cosimo to respond

 * ED hiring update
  * 2017-02-14
   * Reimbursements for expenses
    * It may be cheaper to bundle the reimbursement together with the paycheck, but it depends on the payroll company whether that's possible
    * ACTION: Rosanna to investigate
   * Neil starts tomorrow

 * Should the GNOME Foundation issue a statement about the immigration ban?
  * The Linux Foundation did: https://www.linux.com/blog/linux-foundation-executive-directors-statement-immigration-ban
  * 2017-02-14
   * Allan is working on a draft statement  https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GNOME_immigration_ban_statement

 * 2017 Budget
  * ACTION: Nuritzi to send a framadate for a budget meeting with the board, Neil and Kat

 * From the mailing list - patreon campaign
  * 2017-02-07
   * For now, we are promoting the campaigns but not getting involved directly
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to ask Neil for his opinion

 * Pitivi fundraiser beneficiary
  * 2017-01-10
   * Kat sent Alexandre a version of the contract, Alexandre got back to Kat with some questions as to what still remains to be done
  * 2017-02-07
   * ACTION: Alexandre to finish the contract draft for the Board to review

 * libertyVPS server donation
  * 2016-12-20
   * ACTION: Meg to check with sysadmins whether we actually need a server
  * 2017-01-10
   * Meg sent an email and is waiting to hear back from the sysadmin team.

 * Chrome Store account for managing GNOME Shell integration browser extension
  * 2016-12-20
   * ACTION: Shaun to find out more about what's involved in creating an account

 * Dropping dates in copyright claims on our websites
  * 2016-12-06
   * ACTION: Alexandre to send an email to foundation-list with a proposal for discussion
  * 2016-12-20
   * Next step seems to be to reach out to Creative Commons to get advice on what exactly can and should be done
  * 2017-01-24
   * Alexandre reached out to Creative commons

 * Google Play account
  * 2016-09-27
   * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=771981 was done, we need to pay a $25 one-time fee for the developer account
  * 2016-10-04
   * Payment is authorized
   * ACTION: Rosanna to make the payment and follow up with Ankit
  * 2016-10-18
   * Rosanna is waiting for Ankit to reply about the gmail account
  * 2016-11-01
   * Board is discussing who should have access to the credit card associated to the account
  * 2016-11-29
   * ACTION: Rosanna to look into getting a PayPal credit card
  * 2016-12-20
   * Rosanna has been collating materials to update the PayPal account owner before looking into the credit card

 * Privacy campaign funds
  * 2016-09-27
   * Draft is out for the Board to review and give feedback
   * ACTION: Cosimo to try and form a committee to review internship proposals
  * 2016-10-26
   * We are aiming for an internship round in spring 2017

 * Bitcoins donations data
  * 2017-02-07
   * Neil will help with this going forward

=== Ongoing but stalled ===

'''This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days.'''

 * Owncloud shared calendar for the board
  * 2016-08-10
   * Cosimo tested creating an event, but with mixed results
   * ACTION: Cosimo to take it on from here
  * 2016-09-06 - Allan has started a list of reoccuring events on the wiki - https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoardPrivate/Minutes/UpcomingAgenda

 * Money raised for defense against Groupon
  * Kat to draft a call for Free Desktop-style hackfests which would be sponsored with money raised for defence against Groupon
  * 2016-09-06
   * We probably don't want to track exactly this money flow, but the initiatives that the Board has been pursuing (Flatpak, LAS GNOME) are good fits for the original intent this money was kept for
   * We can consider making a PR or some other form of announcement about how we're currently making use of this money

 * Paypal Giving Fund
  * Alexandre suggested in december 2015 to get us enrolled in the program
   * That would give us exposure. For example Humble bundle allows to direct the charity part of purchases towards any of their participants
  * Zana tried to get us in sometime before may 2016, we never heard back.
  * 2016-09-06
   * ACTION: Zana to look into it.

 * From the mailing list - "support my volunteer program" (Allan) 
  * 2016-08-30
   * There's very little information in the message, unclear how they're related to GNOME
   * ACTION: Shaun to reply asking for more information

 * Google ad grant
  * 2016-08-10
   * ACTION: Shaun will pick this up again and try to register us into the program when he's back in the US
   * The actual ad campaigns would probably need to be managed by the Engagement/Marketing team
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to discuss with the Engagement Team and let the board know if they want to start using Google ad

 * Sysadmin fundraising levels and perks
  * 2016-08-10, ACTION: Nuritzi to take on this project and figure out what it entails

 * Web page for prior pants winners
  * 2016-08-10, ACTION: Shaun and Allan to add the web page

 * Status of logo copyright
  * 2015-12-01, ACTION: Shaun to send out email to d-d-l with proposal
  * 2015-12-08 to 2016-01-19, No updates.
  * 2016-02-02, Shaun will try to pick it up this week
  * 2016-08-10, ACTION: Shaun will send a proposal to licence the asset with dual LGPLv3/CC-BY-SA-4.0 (similar to adwaita-icon-theme)

 * Friends of GNOME
  * 2016-04-11, ACTION: Alexandre to request more information about the donation data from the European donations system (Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation)
  * 2016-08-10
   * ACTION: Allan to get in touch with Tobi and the sysadmin team to migrate the FoG infrastructure over to GNOME

=== Ongoing but no director assigned ===

'''This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days and have no Director assigned'''

== Nice to have ==

'''This section includes items which we would love to see happen at some point but lack the time to effectively become reality'''

 * Contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
  * Kat to draft this

 * Privacy policy for GNOME services
  * Current draft is at https://wiki.gnome.org/Foundation/Privacy
  * Sysadmin Team's NDA should also be covered when dealing with this item
  * Kat or Allan to write up the policy
  * Kat or Allan to write up recommended wording for distribution privacy policies, regarding the behaviour of GNOME software

 * Photography policy for GNOME conferences
  * Proposal needs to be drafted and sent to foundation list for discussion
  * Should probably be addressed at the same time as a standardised code of conduct

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

== Completed actions ==

 * GNOME domains email (Nuritzi)
  * We can encourage this person to offer the domains to the community directly
  * ACTION: Cosimo to respond

 * Software Inquiry email (Nuritzi)
  * They are able to sell the software, provided they respect the license
  * ACTION: Alexandre to get back to them

 * Jeff's reimbursement request for GUADEC 2016 travel, annual reports printing and shipping (Nuritzi)
  * VOTE: send Jeff the funds (using CAD) (pre-approved)
   +1 Nuritzi, Allan, Alexandre, Jim, Meg. Vote passed

 * Should the GNOME Foundation issue a statement about the immigration ban?
  * 2017-01-31
   * We could ask Luis for advice
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to ask Luis if that would be an issue

 * USPTO trademark email
  * We got an email about renewal for our logo.
  * 2017-01-26
   * Conversation with Pam about the details of the renewal. No confirmation that the renewal has happened yet.
  * 2017-02-14 - Pam has reported that the trademarks have been renewed and Rosanna has sent her reimbursement for the fees - COMPLETE

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