The Goal of Gnome


I'm not sure the correct group to contact with this question, so feel free to send me elsewhere.

I was reading all about the GNOME Foundation and tools.  But what struck me is the lack of an overall vision for the GNOME Foundation. 

What is your goal?  GNOME supports a wide range of applications and libraries.  What makes a piece of software GNOME?  Why would you want a specific piece of software under GNOME?  Do you have priority projects to fit your vision similar to the FSF high priority projects page?  Where would you like GNOME to be in 5-10 years and why?

Of course I am interested in these answers, but ideally it would be nice to write up something nice and publish it on your website.  Such answers could conjurer up inspiration in soon to be GNOME contributors since they would know what direction they are marching.


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