Re: Really professional GNOME videos

On Sun, 2016-03-27 at 07:53 +0000, Florian Müllner wrote:
Distributions appear in the video in the order of when 3.20 is
expected to
be included in the distribution.

It's hard to believe that's what's intended. If so, it's very wrong.
The order depicted in the video is:

Arch -> Debian -> Fedora -> openSUSE

which is correct under no interpretation I can think of. How could
Debian possibly be depicted prior to Fedora? If we are counting stable
distros, then Debian should be towards the end of the list, after even
Ubuntu. Same for openSUSE:

Arch (April) -> Fedora (June) -> (Ubuntu, October) -> openSUSE?
(November?) -> Debian (2017) -> openSUSE? (November 2017?)

I do not know where openSUSE goes in relation to Debian, because they
have the new enterprise base thing going on, and I am not sure what
their GNOME plans are for the next release. If they release in November
with GNOME 3.20, then they belong in front of Debian; if they release
with 3.18 or perhaps 3.16 again, then they belong behind Debian.

Now, if we are counting unstable distros (which I do not think we
should do), then the order would be:

Fedora rawhide (immediate) -> Arch Gnome-Unstable (already has it) ->
openSUSE Tumbleweed (probably early April) -> Debian sid (probably this
spring) -> Ubuntu (probably this summer)

I don't see any way that Arch -> Debian -> Fedora -> openSUSE could
possibly be interpreted as the correct order, if that graphic is really
intended to signify the real order.


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