Yorba Foundation looking to pass on copyrights

As some of you know, I founded Yorba, a free software non-profit based in San Francisco that was active from 2009-2015 and developed a few popular programs for GNOME including the Shotwell photo manager and the Geary email client, both of which now live in GNOME git.  These programs are copyrighted by Yorba and a few external contributors and are licensed under the LGPL.

Yorba has run out of funding and is winding down - in fact nobody has worked there since around April 2015.  We now need to shut down the foundation (which is a California non-profit corporation), but legally we can't do so while it still holds any assets including the copyrights on its software, which are considered intellectual property.

We'd love to find some other free software organization that we can pass our copyrights on to.  We would sell them for a nominal fee.  In theory the copyright recipient could defend the LGPL licensing of these programs if necessary (though I think the likelihood of such a necessity is low).

My understanding is that GNOME itself does not hold copyrights.  Is anyone aware of any other free software organization that might be willing and able to receive our copyrights?  Thanks -


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