Re: Question to GNOME Foundation Board candidates

Le mardi 19 mai 2015 à 08:41 +0800, Max a écrit :

1)  How many hours per week do you expect you will be able to dedicate to
working on the board on a regular basis?

As many as needed to Get the Job Done. I do not have a fixed schedule
(as I mentioned last year, I don't work in a "clock-in, clock-out" way).

In practice, I think I must have spent 10-20 hours per week on this on
average. I don't know for sure because I did not timelog my activities.
If I timelogged everything I did, I would probably have had a shock when
looking at the numbers.

My workload varies quite a bit from one week to another, or even within
the week, and I've been having very long days for many months now.
Granted, we were in a somewhat exceptional situation. Now that some of
the big "projects" have been dealt with (still plenty such projects lie
ahead, mind you), and with great candidates around, I have much hope for
a dream team of experimented, positive and energetic people to come
together to tackle the remaining hurdles.

For this to work, we need people that are what I call "powerhouses",
because the GNOME Foundation Board is an "active" board. This means
great thinkers and proactive doers ready to deal with anything while
being very capable in the board room.

The best metaphor I have for a healthy GNOME board is taken from
role-playing games: a well-coordinated "level 45-70" party that will not
be afraid to crawl dungeons together for a year. You need polyvalent
classes just like you need specialists (analytic mages, "massive damage"
knights, resourceful healers, quick & agile rangers, etc.). So if this
makes sense to anyone, I'm a hybrid mage-knight with a ton of HP/MP
potions and phoenix feathers ;)

2)  What's your plan and view with GNOME in Asia? How do you think
about grow GNOME in Asia?( ecosystem / contribute / sponsor /
volunteer ...  )

Asia is fundamental to our long-term viability, that's where the future
lies. We need to get there and get a strong footing. Mesh with the
culture, attract new contributors and partners.

In all honesty I do not have a clear mind on how this will be achieved
in practice yet, and it is a long-term goal (not something we'll achieve
in a month). It's not super easy, so I'd be very interested in hearing
anyone's thoughts on this if you have specific ideas on that.

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